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    Wacom Cintiq 24HD Touch broken in Photoshop CS6


      I have upgraded to Windows 8 using Adobe Photoshop CS6 (latest Dec update).  I have the latest Wacom drivers installed (Nov1) and Photoshop does not respond to pinch to zoom and rotate and it recognizes my hand touching the screen as pen input when using the pen at the same time.  Even without the pen I can draw with my finger.  Others have reported this under Windows 7 as well.  I have an iPad, I don't need this 4K screen to work like an iPad! 


      This did not happen with older wacom drivers and Windows 7.  I need to know how long I am going to have to wait before Adobe acknowledges the problem and when to expect a fix for this.  All of us with Photoshop and Wacom Cintiq 24 HD Touch are screwed at the moment.  Most other programs are working correctly with both touch and pen (i.e. Painter 12.2, Sketchbook Pro, etc).  Most users are resorting all the way back to CS3 with older drivers or turning off Touch input all together to get the pen to work. 

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          dbrent!watson Level 1

          The Wacom forum is full of the known current issues with Adobe products (Photoshop and Illustrator) with the 24HD Touch.  I can't get someone from Adobe support to recognize that there products are broken (called, chatted, etc).  Since the above post, Wacom just released updated drivers on Feb 13, 2013.  They don't fix any of the issues at all.  The only known work around is to revert back to previous CS version (CS5, CS4) in which touch doesn't work.  Most people are turning off touch all together with Photoshop.  Wacom has changed some of the marketing material to make sure they don't show stuff that used to work, and now doesn't work (zoom, rotate with touch).  I have tried reverting back to Windows 7, tried using older Wacom drivers but unfortunately, I can't get to and install previous versions of Photoshop CS6 so all was in vain.  Back to a fresh install of Windows 8, latest drivers and installs of all software.  Come on Adobe, things were going so well...  You were getting so good at making sure that quality was there, now it seems you have pushed the Creative Cloud owners into being beta testers.  I can't and don't trust your updates anymore because I am pretty sure that they will break something.  I have realized that things it can always get worse...

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            kendallplant Adobe Employee

            Hi there! Because the forum you originally posted in is for beginners trying to learn the basics of Photoshop, I moved your question to the Photoshop General Discussion forum, where you'll get more specialized help.

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              I have the same problem (Windows 7, Photoshop CS6) - the 2 finger multi-touch gestures (which would be the most useful features on that touch screen for me) do not work in Photoshop.


              I am utterly disappointed, I would have expected a 3500€ professional device to fully support one of the most common and popular image editing programs (Photoshop) under Windows (using these features in their promotion videos is a big fail in my eyes, if it does only work on Mac). Unfortunately they also did not clearly write it down on their website (only that "some" programs may not support it in Windows. I didn't expect that Wacom counts Photoshop as "some" obviously unimportant program).


              I contacted Wacom, and their only reply was - it's also Adobe's problem (nothing else, no support, no answer to my question). How does Adobe see this situation? I would very, very much appreciate an answer / information from their side, if there is any hope/plans to fix this bug? I feel very much left alone by Wacom with that problem. Not sure yet if I will return the tablet (why keeping such an expensive tablet with touch features if the most important features do not work on my system?).


              If anybody has news on this issue, I would very much appreciate it. Thank you!

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                My observation with Wacom, is that their customer service is not that great.  They make some great products but don't spend many resources on software and interfaces.  I'm guessing that adobe's market is so much larger than those of us using Wacom, espcially the cintique line.

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                  Thank you for your email. On screen touch is a feature that has to be supported by the program you are using to work with the tablet. Currently Adobe has not added this feature into Photoshop. Corel Painter 12 with the 12.2 update is an example of a program that does offer the zoom and rotate feature.


                  Thank you,


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                  kinda funny because i have an old mac book pro with cs6 and everything works perfectly yet you switch to windows and nothing works after reading the forms it seems both companies are blaming the other

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                    Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

                    Hmmmm...  I refuse to answer on principle, because I am waaaaay too envious of anyone using a Cintiq 24HD Touch. 


                    But seriously, as has been mentioned, the forums are full of people having problems.  A quick Google brings up dozens and dozens of hits!  But surely this will give you the best userbase with the most relevant experience?




                    Is this you?


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                      c4veman Level 1

                      thanks for pointing me in a direction,


                      no its not me on that form but seems like the same issues (im not completely alone )


                      (I can only afford the 22hd - I have the 24 hd at work - the drivers are next to identical if not the same as far as i can tell)


                      its just funny how something would work in previous version cs5 but not on cs6 a year later


                      I posted here because wacom says its up to adobe


                      and why it works fine on mac's and not even a hacked up soultion for windows (that I can find) makes me confused


                      ill get through it but these drivers drive me nuts sometimes

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                        Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

                        Well if I was spending that sort of money, I'd want it to be 100% issue free.  

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                          I am looking into this monitor for rapidly entering data, text and drawings on an electronic health record. After trying windows 7 and 8 systems I wonder if your problem is not the drivers, but Windows 8 itself.


                          I demoed an HTML5 drawing app on a windows 7 system with a touch screen - no problem. The same app on a windows 8 system was messed up because the pen input was all being misinterpreted as touch because Windows 8 'takes over' these functions in a different way because of the touch UI


                          So if turning off the touch input works, I'd guess it's a windows 8 problem


                          If it working now? (You originally posted in January)

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                            Multitouch works very well with photoshop (a "real feature" , not the "scroll wheel" ********!!)

                            but adobe devloped it only for windows 8.1 and photoshop CC 2014

                            some explanations here:



                            It seems that you have to use the tablet as the main monitor when working, unless there is a bug for translations...i hope they'll correct this...


                            But then , the multitouch in photoshop is really AWESOME! very fluid and well-thought-out ..