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    Imported clips too dark (CS6)


      The clips in the source monitor and the clips after I've exported them are darker than the source clips when played outside of premiere pro cs6. I'm importing mjpeg .AVIs from recording software I use to capture game footage. It's also darker in premiere than it was while I was playing the game, so I don't think it is Windows Media Player making the footage appear brighter. The footage even ends up darker if I only encode it in media encoder and bypass premiere pro entirely.


      Can anyone help me out? I'm a bit green when it comes to this stuff

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Which MJPEG codec do you have installed?


          MJPEG http://forums.adobe.com/thread/730396

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            AlexBoutros Level 1

            K-lite. Without k-lite I just had a completely black image in premiere. I know k-lite isn't preferred, so I installed it using revo uninstaller so that I can 100% clean uninstall it if I need to.


            Are there any free MJPEG codecs that are as good as Morgan's or Main Concept's?


            Edit: I uninstalled the k-lite pack completely. I have video and it looks exactly like it should, but now I have no audio.

            Edit 2: I installed the Morgan MJPEG codec demo, but I still have no audio. Uninstalled that and installed the MainConcept demo and still no audio.

            Edit 3: In my recording software I turned off "mix audio sources in one track" and now I'm getting the mini waveform icon on my clip that says "Contains Linked Audio". However I still have no sound when playing the clip.

            Edit 4: Well I uninstalled Morgan, reinstalled it, turned "mix audio source in one track" back on in my software, and now I have video and audio. So I guess my problem is solved.

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              Jim_Simon Level 8



              You cannot use the built-in monitors to judge the quality of a video signal, nor any software player or computer monitor.  The software, operating system and display driver all can and do alter the signal.  You MUST get the signal onto a calibrated, external TV.  Until you do that, you just can't be sure you're seeing the signal correctly.

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                AlexBoutros Level 1

                Jim, The footage looks fine on my monitor (which happens to be a T.V.) and in fact the saturation was wrong because I didn't have my ffdshow configured correctly. Now that it is configured correctly my footage looks exactly as it does in the game I recorded it from and looks perfect on youtube. Maybe I'm not seeing it in it's pure form? But it doesn't matter as it looks great on my monitor, on my second computer, and from my laptop.


                It's not like I'm doing advanced color correcting or anything.