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    Flash download fails


      I am running a fleet of iMacs and MacBooks - all are running Lion. We also run a Juniper firewall and a Sophos web filter/proxy.


      Trying to download the latest flashplayer I have found that the second part of the download - once you execute the initial .dmg file - does not comply to the proxy settings and tries to access the https site directly. Our firewall, understandably, will not accept outgoing https traffic unless it comes from our web filter/proxy box. I believe it is because we are using a .pac file delivered from a web server - proxy set to Auto with a http://xxxxxx.xxx url.


      I am not having issues getting to the Adobe site nor with the download of the .dmg file.


      I either need to know the ip address the .dmg file is doing its download from - and that this will remain static - or else a fix so that the .dmg file download will comply with the proxy settings.


      Any suggestions??