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    My local fonts are disappearing when I use "Save As" in Edge Animate?!

    RuesterProd Level 1

      I have a site in Edge Animate that uses local web fonts from my computer that I have added into the Fonts section, and they work just fine on my original site, but when I got to File>Save As and save the exact same site to a totally separate folder, the fonts disappear and revert to Arial (My backup font)! I've checked my html and the @font-face declarations are there (Site was started in Dreamweaver, so I have fonts declared in Edge and @font-face), I checked the Code in Edge that was used to add the font (Picture below) and I checked to make sure the fonts copied over (All the fonts are where they're supposed to be in relation to my index.html file - Nothing has changed! So I'm not sure what's happening... in the picture I've included you can see the code for including the fonts, You can see that the font is set for the highlighted item on the stage in the Text panel...




      AND This is the original Index.html, you can see that there's nothing different, but somehow the one above has dropped the font! (It even dropped out on the green "Welcome", etc links which were created in Dreamweaver and imported into Edge Animate (Those are styled by @font-face inside my css)...




      Did I somehow stumble upon a bug, or am I missing something?


      Thanks all!