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    sound stops during playback


      Running the latest version of CS6 (current on all updates) on a Mac Mini i7 2.3GHz with 16GB RAM running OS X 10.8.2.


      Whenever CPU usage starts to get a little heavy, sound will go silent at random times during playback of timeline in the program monitor.  Meters go to zero when sound goes out and go active when sound returns.  Video playback is fine and there are no dropped frames.  This also was happening on my previous machine, a 2008 Mac Pro.  Started happening with CS6 and never happened in CS5.5.


      All my source footage is h264 from a Canon 5D.  Sequence was created by doing the 'create sequence from clip' command.  Program monitor resolution is set at 1/4.  Played with setting audio hardware buffersizes to different values but with no change in behavior.

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          I'm having the same problem on an editing workstation with CS6. The audio will stop playing after 4-5 seconds, video plays fine. The timeline has been rendered. If I hit the stop/pause key, (spacebar), and hit it again, it will play for another 4-5 seconds before the audio drops out. Sometimes only one audio track will stop playing.


          Video is 720P, two audio tracks, three video tracks.  System is win 7-64 with an intel I7 extreme CPU, 12 GB RAM (9GB dedicated to Premiere, performance mode)


          Any suggestions?