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    Premiere-After Effects link


      Hey guys,
      I'm editing a short (3 min) ski video in premiere, and I used dynamic link on some files so I could use twixtor and other things from after effects. Now that I have all the editing of the footage completed, I'm trying to find a way to get the whole project back in to after effects for some final color correction and effects. When I try to import the premiere sequence in after effects, the files that are dynamically linked turn into color bars. What am I doing wrong, or should I be using an uncompressed export from premiere into after effects for the final corrections?



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          Fuzzy Barsik Level 4

          You can't import a PrPro sequence that already contains dynamically linked AE comps via Dynamic Link, 'cos that creates infinite loop.

          You can either replace your dynamically linked AE comps with digital intermediates (tick Include Project Link checkbox in AE export settings dialog box so as to be able to use Edit Original command in PrPro) or, as you suppose, render out your PrPro sequence with a production codec so as to bring it into AE for final grading.