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    Timeline glitches when using touchstart events

    RocketPop Games

      Hi all,


         I'm working with an Edge composition that is basically several pages of data separated by stop frames and nav forward and back with button clicks - like a kind of interactive story. Setup is very much like old Flash AS2 menus   Very few effects or symbols (5-8). I'm viewing this on mobile devices ONLY.  I don't have a small repro case - sorry about that. I might be able to whip one up if required.


      My "stock" composition runs just fine with no problems on the device. However, the standard Edge events are "click" events  have a big lag on mobile (as discussed elsewhere on the net) - to reduce this lag I am attempting to switch them to touchstart events.



      - I publish the Edge composition and then manually-edit the xxx_edgeActions.js file with a global search & replace of "click" with "touchstart".

      - Build the project & deploy to mobile (Cordova in my case)


      With this setup, when I play the story and press buttons to hop around on the timeline, some symbols will jump and jitter around for several frames before disappearing. Even those that are marked as hidden for the current "page"! They jitter and jump near the edge where they were last moved and hidden. This does not happen in desktop Safari at all. I tried preventDefault() and adding some short delay but nothing seems to help. Anyone have any ideas what I can do about that?