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    actionscript 2  question

      I have about ten days of actionscript experience. I'm taking a break from the book and trying a few things on my own.

      Anyway, I'm trying to set a boolean variable to true from inside a movie so that it effects the actionscript on the _root frame1.

      Specifically, when the movie comes to it's last frame, I want the variable "frame12" to be true and "pass(?)" this information back to the main timeline and use it to start another movie.

      Right now I've declared my variable on the _root like this:

      var frame12:Boolean=false;

      In the last frame of the movie I've put this:


      I'm going to put all the code I've written thus far. Any suggestions or comments are appreciated. Like I said, it's not a "project", just some experimenting so any comments are appreciated.