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    EDL won't work with multi cam nested sequence

    YC Films

      So I did a multi-cam edit by first creating a timeline with all my alternative shot angles stacked on top of each other. These are R3D files imported directly into Premiere. I then made a second sequence with no clips contained. I then took the sequence with the stacked clips and drag and dropped that sequence into my new empty sequence to create a nested sequence. I then performed a multi cam edit. When I switched angles these cuts showed as a slice in the nested sequence (as if I was using the blade tool to chop the nested sequence up). After the edit was over I exported an EDL but have not been able to re-link or open this EDL in any coloring programs, and when I try to send the timeline to Speedgrade it shows an error message. Any clues what's going on here. Do EDLs not work with nested sequences? I can't seem to un-nest either now that the nested file has been chopped up in the edit.


      I will confirm the error message that Speedgrade posted (I'm away from my edit lab at the moment), and I'll confirm what other programs aren't accepting the EDL, but I wanted to see if there's some popular info I wasn't aware of regarding nested sequences and EDLs.