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    Action wizard in Acrobat X and in Acrobat XI




      following problem:


      I have to change some properties of about 1200 pdf-files. I made at test with 150 files.


      In Acrobat 10 in combination with the action wizard it works very fast (about 10 s) including saving time of the 150 files. I do not see, that there is opened a single file.


      In Acrobat 11 the same operation with the same 150 pdf-files will take about 120 s, 12 times slower. In Acrobat 11every single file of the 150 will be opened, listed, displayed, changed, saved and closed. Why?


      Is there any way to avoid opening and displaying every single file in Acrobat 11 or is Acrobat 10 the better choice?


      Thank you.



      Acrobat 10 and 11

      Windows 7

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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Acrobat 10 is the better choice for Actions, unfortunately...

          You can't change the way the Action processes files, and I agree with you

          that it's a step backwards.

          Also, be aware that although you can run Actions you created in Acrobat X

          in XI, you can't edit them in any way. You will have to re-create them if

          you want them to be editable.

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