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    How to get multiple Gif with different amount of frames



              Been combing over the interent to try to figure out how to (in CS6 PS) get multiple gif to load onto the same static image that have different amount of frames, thus far I have my two gifs (on opposite sides) on the image and a short title video in the center but it starts with all three images and then runs the two gif until the the first (8 frames) runs out then the remainder of the second runs out at 13 frames and lastly the rest of the video plays each frame.


      My goal is to get the video to just play naturally in the center and each gif on the sides to play on a loop as I want the entire image to be a banner for a website.



      Thank you in advance for the help.


      Win7 64 bit

      CS6 photoshop


      Gif1 = 8 frames/layers

      Gif2 = 13 frames/layers

      video = 96 frames/layers (also it is set at a very low resolution and is just a title with a second title transitioning in)