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    Flash player not working in Internet Explorer 10 Windows 8


      Flash player is working on Google Chrome, but whenever I use IE to access a site that uses flash, IE tells me I do not have flash and asks me if I want to install it. If I choose yes, then IE will try to download flash player, and when it finishes downloading, it just tells me IE already has the latest version of flash player included. When I go to adobe.com, the version check box is just grey. However, interestingly enough, if I go to youtube home page, the error message comes up on the page saying I need to download flash player, but if I click on a video, it will go to that page, the error message will show for a second then dissappears, and the video will start playing.


      I followed the self check procedure described on the Adobe site already, and it all checks out. I wasn't able to find any solution or even anyone with the same kinda problem through google either.


      Any one got any ideas?