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    Audio Codec AAC LC (MUSIC)


      Hi all,

      I am currently trialing both FCPRO X and PRCS6 as I am looking to move up from iMovie, I shoot on a Lumix GH2 at 1080/24p AVCHD and the reason I am drawn to PRCS6 is its ability so see the source files directly and it works well on my mac. I have a problem with PR when exporting that I do not have in Imovie regarding sound, that I hope somebody can help me with.


      I have a Sony Blu-ray player coupled up to my 55" Sony TV (no Blue-ray burner on the mac where PR is located) which I use as a test of best quality output. in iMovie I can share the final edit and copy this to a usb stick or sd card and it will play exactly as expected on the TV via HDMI. The file is as an MPEG-4  H.264  @24Mbps 1920x1080/24p and using the imovie option for audio of the aac lc music codec. I can't replicate this using PRCS6 I can get the vision to play as expected but no sound, I can't seem to find the same codec as an option in PRCS6. it appears that the LC variant is the only one that will work. is there a way of getting this codec in this programme or is there another programme that I can then pass it through to get this to work.


      Thanks in andvance and apologies if I have missed the obvious



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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          I've found that I have to use Dolby Digital (AC3) instead of AAC with my H.264 files to get them to play via USB on my Sony BD player.  Give that a go.

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            thetrevone Level 1

            Jim, thank you for your swift response, very much appreciated.

            I am afraid I have to ask if could help me a little further here, do yo mean from within PRCS6?, if so

            In the audio tab

            I only have the following otions:



            AAC+ Version2

            Unless I am missing something obvious


            Sample rate set at 48k

            Channels set to stereo

            Audio quality set to high

            Bitrate 320

            Best regards


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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              You'll find Dolby under the H.264 Blu-ray presets.

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                thetrevone Level 1

                Wow that was quick!

                Thank you kind sir, yes indeed it is and it should have been obvious to me from your previous answer. I am outputing as I write, fingers crossed.

                Thanks again

                Best regards


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                  thetrevone Level 1

                  Hi Jim,

                  This did not work for me, my Blu-ray reacted with 'corrupt or unsupported file' I tried many combinations, but in the end had to admit defeat.

                  In desperation I tried a programme called handbrake and ran the original MPEG4 H.264 AAC file through that, keeping all the video settings the same and just altered the audio codec there to AAC(ffmpeg) as I could not see a AAC LC(MUSIC) and this option seems to have cured my problem. I need to test a bit more to see what, if any, difference there are between the iMovie version and the one edited in Pr and altered in Handbrake.

                  I wonder why Pr does not include the LC codec?

                  Thanks again for your time and your swift replies.

                  Best regards