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    How to dock the floating tools palette in InDesign CS6 for Mac? Normal way doesn't work

    alanomaly Level 1

      In all my CS applications except InDesign CS6 (Mac), I can dock the tools window by the side of the main content panes like any other window: drag it to the edge, and at just the right point, it highlights where it will be docked with a blue outline, and docks when you let go.


      I can't find any way to do this in InDesign CS6 (Version 8.0, Mac), however. Unlike every other window, it never gives the option to dock, no matter where I drag it. The only options in the toolbar itself switch between one row vertical, two rows vertical, and one row horizontal. I've also looked in Preferences > Interface and the only options refer to the "Floating tools bar" and give the same one row vertical, two rows vertical, and one row horizontal options as the tool bar itself.


      I can't see any option to stop it floating. I've tried on a variety of Window > Arrange settings, and with Window > Application Frame both ticked and unticked, and nothing works. I can make it snap to position in a corner, but it doesn't dock and doesn't stop floating.


      It's not just the inconsistency and nuisance of it sitting on top of the documents and not moving with the rest of the window that causes a problem: I'm on a Mac (Lion) and the floating toolbar breaks a normal useful operating system function. In every application except InDesign, when I press F3, the current window shrinks down and I see every other open window, organised by application, with each application's icon floating on top. In InDesign CS6, it's the floating tool bar, not the main window, that shrinks. The main InDesign window stays where it is, awkwardly sat between the icons and my other windows, in the way of the other windows - effectively making it impossible to use F3 to switch to a different other window without switching out of InDesign first.


      Here's a screenshot I found online (looks like Windows version of CS6?) where the tools bar is docked: no close icon, slots in neatly alongside the content panes, not treated as a seperate window by the OS.



      I'm having trouble finding Mac screenshots where it's docked - in most, it's floating awkwardly above the left ruler.