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    LCDS Server SDK Problems

    Chris Brind

      I'm using the following setup:
      LiveCycle Data Services Version 2.5.1, July 2007
      Flex Builder Version 3.0 - Milestone 3 Beta 2 (build

      I've noticed that I have to use the server's SDK (2.0.1 build 16691) in order to build and run my application. I have a couple of modules and I am also noticing that if I get an error in one of the modules after editing it, the workspace appears to build fine. If I delete the swf file created on a previous successful build again the workspace builds fine and does not report any problems. If I switch to Flex 3 SDK and do a clean build onlt then it reports the problems. But when I deploy using Flex 3 SDK it complains about verification errors and I have to switch back to Flex 2 SDK to get it to build and deploy.

      Is there something I can do to get my server SDK up to version 3.0 of Flex SDK?

      I was also hoping to use the Advanced Datagrid but that appears to be missing when compiling with the server SDK, so I presume that was something added in version 3?

      Thanks in advance for any advice.