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    Voice chat Problem in Peer to Peer Application


      Hi i am working on Peer to Peer chat Application, when i do one to one voice chat or multiple voice chat, it doesn't work, I mean to say sometime other's can listen my voice and vise a versa, but sometime my voice gets break or cut off   might be due to streaming problem or something else i don't know?? what is the problem not getting it.

      Here is the code for my microphone which i have used


                                              _mic = Microphone.getMicrophone();



                                              try {






                                                        _mic.codec = SoundCodec.NELLYMOSER;

                                                        _mic.setSilenceLevel(0, 4000);


                                                    } catch (e:Error) {

                                                        trace("no mic detected")



      Thanks in Advanced