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    Insert time/frames shortcut?





      Is it possible to insert time from where the 'Current Time Indicator' is  across all layers?



      So it would extends all the layers and move all the keyframe accordingly..



      In the adobe flash days pressing F5 would achieve the same effect.









      So using this image as an example, pressing F5 would extends the layers/move all the keyframes after the indicator by one frame...





      Hope the above makes sense



      Many thanks for you help in advance

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Each and every layer in AE is just a footage item. Doesn't matter if it is created internally or from an external source. Hence there can be no such thing as inserting an keyframe like in Flash. If you need to extend layers with timing already in place, split therm and extend their in-/ out-points or use time remapping after pre-composing everything. In short: adapt your thinking and methodsology, don't hack around.



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            colouredFunk Level 1

            hmm I thought that might be the answer


            It makes it a bit of a pain if the client wants to 'tweak' the timing in the middle of a animation.


            I know I can re-comp then use time remapping...but was hoping for a simpler solution... I'll just man up put in the mouse clicks

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              colouredFunk Level 1

              Thanks for the reply btw

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                You're right, though, this is a massive pain. The more complex a project gets, the more you start dreading having to tweak timing in the middle.


                The first thing I do when I need to add some time to the middle of a complicated composition is I sit back and have a long hard think about whether there is any way, any way at all, that I can avoid having to add time to the middle of my my complicated composition.


                What's so frustrating, though is that 90% of the work is repetitive stuff that would be trivial to implement.


                Even a simple tool, that just let you automatically select and drag:

                - all layers that start after the playhead


                - in layers currently under the playhead, all keyframes from here to the end, AND the layer end handle


                Drag that combo back and forward to your heart's content. That'd take so much of the pain away. It's a blunt tool - you may well have to either go back and fix things that were actually in motion at the cut, or prepare by putting keyframes round the cut point beforehand. Dragging back may cause some fun keyframe clashes if you're not careful.


                But most importantly, it would make it trivial to drag a bit forward, a nudge back to get pacing just right - something that you just cannot do when every nudge currently takes several tediously careful ops to do...


                And yes, you'd still have to go and correct any subcomps, but wouldn't that be a quicker job with a tool like this?


                I'll stick this in a suggestion box if I can find one, but it seems like one of those things that's so bloody obvious and would make everyone's life so much easier that there's gotta be a reason Adobe haven't done it already. Like Apple taking half an eon to admit that ALL windows ought to be resizeable from their edges. Grrr


                Sorry for the rant. One of those days.

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                  Hi there


                  I had the same problem with a very huge project.

                  i found a very nice script, that solved it:



                  this should do exactly what you want. :-)


                  best, birgit