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    FilUtilService runas specific user




      A process generates a pdf file based on xml input and a template definition.

      The result is written to specific file location.

      For production we want the output to be written to an external file share.

      Since livecycle runtime defaults runs as system account i want to configure a specific user to be used to write the file.



      Livecycle ES2 foundation + output

      Websphere Application Server v7

      Windows 2008 server


      My solution:

      I configured the FileUtilsService to runas a specific user from the active directory domain users.

      I restarted this services: files are still created using sysaccount.


      Then i restarted the process using this service, again same negative result.

      Then i even restarted the appserver, no luck either.


      Also tried running the process under a specific user, allthough i presume the runas property for a process definition relates to the input user credentials.


      Looking for documentation regarding the runas setting: no luck. Not in de admin manual, nor in related pdf's from adobe either...


      Anyone any experience on this matter? Or links to relevant documentation?


      Thanks for any help!




      No reactions...Is the description of my problem not clear? Anyone?

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          Steve Bishop Level 2

          All files created by our system are owned by the ID the server runs under, not the user the process is running under. It would not even work the other way in our case. The users of Process Managemnet are not users on the server it runs on. You'll likely have to create another process to change the ownership.