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    How do I create captions for my content in the Adobe Suite?


      Hey guys,


      We're creating a new TV show and I'm the guy in charge of it .


      I'm relatively new to the adobe suite (using CS6), and I'm looking for a way to create captions in Premiere Pro like I used to in Sony Vegas Pro.  I had a tool in there call Caption Assistant from VASST, that just plugged into the interface and I could plop down and edit my captions as I played.  Is there any sort of tool or workflow in the Adobe suite that would allow me to do this?


      I already know I can import the .scc file ( which I could just pull from Vegas Pro if I still did it in there, but that means booting to window and my new job is all mac as much as possible). 


      What I'd like is to be able to do a mostly correct speech to text conversion with some tool ( suggestions ), and then start laying in the captions as I watch and make corrections to the text as I go.


      Thanks a bunch for your help.