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    RH work files are gone, all we have is the output files...


      ...and so I'm looking to sort of reverse-engineer the output files into RH work files*.


      *Unless we've all agreed upon word usage and definitions, searching for an existing post that addresses this particular issue is quite difficult indeed.  So apologies in advance if I'm the umpteenth person to ask this.  I did multiple searches before posting.


      So by "RH work files" I mean the files that are used by RoboHelp when a project is loaded.   By "output" I mean the files that RH produces when you generate primary layout.  My hope is that there's some slick way of importing these output files into a new project en masse, if possible.  Like a snake eating its own tail.


      The primary layout of the project in question is Webhelp.  I've got RH 9 on a Win 7 64 machine.


      Thanks in advance.