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    Need Help to download Flash Player 11


      I have Windows 7 operating system with Internet Explorer 64-bit. I am ab le to download Flash Player 11, dowdloading not a problem,but installation requires closing of internet explorer. Please give me step-by-step instructions to close it.

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          VikramGaur Adobe Employee



          Welcome to Adobe Forums.


          1) Launch Task Manager, Keyboard Shortcut : Ctrl+Shift+Esc or right click on Task Bar :




          2) Under "Processes" Tab, you will iexplore.exe/

          3) Right Click, Kill that process


          Hope this helps !!




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            samjones6 Level 1


            Your  instructions helped a little, but my problem was finally solved as explained below:


            I completed the download/installation of Flash Player 11, but it did not work, it seemed to be "disabled".

            I then  went to Adobe.com Flash Player Help (http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/flash-player-games-video-or.html)

            I followed the instructions:  Disable ActiveX Filtering (if using Internet Explorer 9)                                          Close Internet Explorer and then restart it. 

            Next I downloaded/installed Google Chrome (Flash player is integrated into  Chrome and enabled by default).

            My problem has been solved and the Flash Player/Google Chrome works perfectly.

            Thanks,Sam Jones                                           


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