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    Help with PPBM5/5.5/6, or let me know if these render times are decent?

    ptl-2010 Level 1

      I am trying to benchmark my new system, and I am having problems with the benchmark script and instructions.


      First I tried to download the CS6 version from PPBM6.com, and the file contained no instructions. I never got a response to my inquiry about getting some, so I then went to the PPBM5.com site and go the cs5.5/cs6 version. I followed the instructions to the best of my abilities (exactly to my knowledge) and get an error when I go to compile the results. I believe the error is in line 78, and it mentions a file missing. I'm guessing it's looking for the files I rendered, and they're all there, named what they're supposed to be.


      Even at that, I do have the system specs and render times, so maybe I can at least figure out if I have everything set up correctly within my system.


      First I'll list my build


      3770k CPU at stock clock

      ASrock extreme 4 mobo

      Zotac GTX 660 GPU factory OC

      16gb DDR3 1333 CAS 9 ram stock speed

      240gb SSD for OS and programs

      2tb 7200 rpm HDD for work files (ppro proj files, footage, images, etc)

      1tb 7200 rpm HDD for cache and render files

      Then I have a 1tb drive for personal data but it isn't used in this case.


      I believe my times were 1:02 for the H.264test, 1:06 for the disk speed test, and I believe just over 2 minutes (like 2:01 or 2:10 can't remember) for the MPEG-2 DVD test.


      The one thing I don't quite get about the test is that I'm using a single disk per instructions (make sure cache is same as project, render to the PPBM5 folder on the same drive), and not utilizing my chache/render disk which should give me better render times than using a single disk. I didn't try running it with that setup, but if someone would be willing to take a look at my render times with that changed I would really appriciate it!