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    Modify translation workflow


      I need to modify translation workflow to have all language checkboxes "checked" by default. I noticed that the sidekick widget code has the below code for the language selections



                          "xtype": "selection",

                          "cls": "x-form-field",

                          "name": "langTargets",

                          "fieldLabel": CQ.I18n.getMessage("Select Languages"),

                          "type": "checkbox",

                          "options": langOptions



      Did not see the "checked" config available for the 'selection' xtype. I have a workaround to add a new "Select All" check box.


                          "xtype": "checkbox",

                          "name": "allLangTargets",                                 

                          "fieldLabel": CQ.I18n.getMessage("Select All")                   


      and in handler to check if the "Select All" is checked or not. But I prefer to find how to get all language checkboxes checked by default.


      The second question I have is how do I implement this change for my application. Do I just create the same file (modified version) under the apps folder ?


      Thanks in advance for help!