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    ColorMunki Display calibration and Photoshop profile settings

    bunnyburger Level 1

      I am new to color management/color profiles. I feel like I have no idea what I am doing...


      A couple of days ago, I calibrated my monitors using a ColorMunki Display. Everything looks great, but today I realized that the same files opened in Photoshop look "off" compared to the same files viewed in Dreamweaver or any web browser. I mostly work for web, but I do also frequently work in print -- I'm concerned that the colors I see on my screen are way off from what my clients may be seeing on theirs (I understand every client will have their monitor color settings set up differently, but I'm at least going for ballpark range here).


      I'd like to create a consistent workflow between all of my Adobe CS5.5 Creative Suite programs and my web browsers, primarily, but I'd like them to also be as consistent as possible to what I'm seeing in print - on my Pantone chip book, for example. Is this even possible? After spending an hour looking up color resources online, I see this topic is MUCH more complicated than I would have imagined.


      Thanks in advance for any help!