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    Upgrade to Mountain Lion?

    GeofferyH Level 1

      I've stayed with Snow Leopard because we're in a production environment and it's been stable. With CS6 however, I'm not getting the options in the print dialog (printing to a color copier with a bustled Fiery), that I had with CS5 and below, and I'm wondering if going to Mountain Lion will give me back those selections.


      Does Mountain Lion play nice with CS6?


      Experiences/advice appreciated.

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Here are my stock remarks:


          If you're going to upgrade to Mountain Lion back everything up,

          deactivate your software and do a CLEAN INSTALL. Once done, install your

          applications from their original installation media. DO NOT USE MIGRATION.


          CS6 plays very nicely with Mountain Lion in my experience.


          John Hawkinson will be along soon to tell you that he disagrees with me

          about the upgrade. When he does, ask him if he's willing to help

          troubleshoot everything that stops working if you upgrade.



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            Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            @GeofferyH – the real question is:
            does your printer or your print driver work well with InDesign CS6 at all?


            That could be totally independent from your OSX version.


            Or do the printer manufacturer offer special version of drivers that are OSX 10.8 only?