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    Using CDATA in Script (XML)

    okpoubelle Level 1



      I'm trying to create an XML var using CDATA to get some htmlText.



                var newXML:XML = XML("<node><![CDATA["+ myRichTE.htmlText+" ]]></node>")
       <mx:RichTextEditor id="myRichTE" />


      But i get an error on this line. (give it a try, something about an unclosed tag, can't give the exact english error message since i got french UI)


      It seems that you can't use


      in Script section of an Application (in addition of the main CDATA which contains all Script), since it interprets as a real CDATA.

      And I think I can't do without it to store the htmlText inside an XML node.


      Any ideas ?

      (maybe by "escaping" the CDATA tag ?)


      Thanks a lot.