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    How to show a path to the topic name in browser address bar?

    dmagnum74 Level 1

      My employer has an online help system. Currently, the same URL shows in the browser's address bar no matter which topic you have selected in the help system. For example, the URL for the help system is:



      No matter where I am in the help system, that URL always shows up. If I need to refer someone else to a certain topic, I can't just send them a link. I have to tell the person where to drill down to it from the Table of Contents. I'd like to refer someone to a specific section, for example,



      The person who created the help system said that RH centralizes the webskin in that address, which is also the starting topic. Calling the URL launches the webskin and TOC. He said that you can only make direct calls to a topic if you're willing to do this without a skin and TOC. Is this true? We have RH8. Does RH10 have more capabilities? Thanks.