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    H264 render and export - banding problems

    FriederDorm Level 1



      I made an edit with source material from a Canon 5D MarkIII. Everything works well, but rendering the clips or exporting the film causes banding problems.

      I tried several render setting on export and in the sequence settings. ProRes, Animation, I-Frame only, maximum bitrate, maximum render quality etc.


      When the clip runs without rendering, everything looks fine.

      When I render or export the clip the banding is visual.


      When transcoding a H264 clip from the camera in Quicktime to ProRes 422HQ - no banding. Exporting the same clip from Premiere - banding.


      I made similar experience, when transcoding a ProRes 422HQ to H264 with Adobe Media Encoder and Quicktime. Exporting from Quicktime looks much better.


      Does anyone have the same problems and perhaps any solution?












      Working on a MacPro 6Core whith AJA Kona 3G, and unfortunately an ATI Graphic card.