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    .vpe import issue

    Seb Adore

      Sometimes, when I import a .vpe in Ae, it's not positionned correctly : it's upside down or sometimes even worse, and it's very difficult to have the whole thing right.
      I've read that it comes from the grid created in Photohsop: if you don't start by a vertical grid, then hte problem appears, but it happens like ranodmly for me.ng else (


      Something else (but that may be rleated, I do'nt know): when my grids are done, some of the plans are correct, and some others, or some parts of the others are fuzzy/distorted and I can't really figure out why.


      I'm quite new to the .vpe universe, and it's not really easy to find clear tutorials about the process, tips and ticks etc.
      So if you have links/ressoucrs I'll be happy to read/watch anything related to it.


      Thank you.