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    Hierarchical and grouped data display

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          "To display flat data as a hierarchy, you group the rows of the flat data before passing the data to the AdvancedDataGrid control"


          So I have to filter and sort the data BEFORE I send it to the ADG?I have about 30,000 players, in 16 states, who either are or are not a member of an alliance.  There is more data along with, but I would like to to be able to filter it by state and/or alliance, similar to the way MS Excel does.


          The data comes from the server in no particular order, and the state is derived from the coordinates on demand. I plan 2 view states, one by state, sub alliance, another by alliance sub player, but if I am reading this correctly, I have to run thru the data once to assign states, then sub sort each state by alliance the send the data to the grid?

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            Our Ultimate Grid was designed to handle situations like this. (Filtering across large Hierarchical DataSets). You might consider it if you are open to a third party commercial component.