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    Download old Elements


      I had Photoshop Elements 8 and I was very happy with it. I had a computer issue and had to restore back to factory settings. I want to reinstall Elements 8 - I don't want to upgrade at this time. How can I do this? I only see Elements 11.

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          99jon ACP/MVP

          You will need the original disk or download package.


          If you purchased an original download from the Adobe on-line store a download is available for up to three years from the purchase date.

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            Vincent Edward

            I purchased Elements 8 when it came out and it was nothing but trouble. After many hours I found it marginally useful.  However, it set me back and discouraged me from using Adobe.  I recently purchased Elements 11 and found it quite good.  It is more as capable as were 2 and 5 which I had also used with success.  My advice is to buy Photoshop 11 and continue using photoshop.com which was  introduced to me with Photoshop elements 8. 




            Ed Walsh

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              Barbara B. ACP/MVPs

              >continue using photoshop.com


              I would definitely not suggest this. Photoshop.com integration is gone from PSE 11, and it's pretty obvious that adobe would like everyone to switch to using their Revel subscription service. I think the clock is ticking on photoshop.com.


              Incidentally, don't be surprised if Brett N's link doesn't work for you. In PSE 8 there were different serial numbers for downloads and purchased versions and you couldn't just enter a serial number into the trial, so it may well not work.

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                Vincent Edward Community Member

                Barbara B,




                I had not heard of that and I am not familiar with the Revel Subscription service.  I must admit that the Photoshop.com never worked very well for me and thought it was due to Elements, Photoshop 8 and Premiere 8.  It would have been nice to have gotten something out of the eight series instead of lost time and aggravation. 


                Thanks for your comments. 


                Ed Walsh