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    Alpha channels come out solid on Mac!

    smartino Level 1
      Hi, I work in a team of Mac and PC users and we work on each others projects. We're having a problem with the Mac users! We are building up an image that has an alpha channel with images that also have Alpha channels in them. Some of the images have feathered alpha's and these seem to come out solid on the mac but not on the PC.

      Any reason for this? Code below...

      member("design").image.copyPixels(mainImage, pQuad, mainImage.rect,[#maskImage:member(sprite(pSprite).member.name).image.createM

      Thanks in advance for any help.


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          What i've found out is that you need to set the flags explicitly into the code:

          member("design").image.useAlpha = false
          mainImage.useAlpha = true

          At least with some code i used, i had problems with alpha and masks until i used that.

          I'm not sure if #ink:#mask is the default if you use #maskImage into the copyPixels, but i would advise to also explicitly state the ink:

          member("design").image.copyPixels(mainImage, pQuad, mainImage.rect,[#ink:#mask,#maskImage:member(sprite(pSprite).member.name).image.createM

          Hope this helps out...