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    Question about Workflow Best Practices Prelude-Premiere-Encore (CS6)

    President Beeblebrox



      this is my first question in the Adobe Forums, I sincerely hope someone can 'point me' in the right direction as I am somewhat lost right now.


      We have filmed around 20 hours of instructional videos - each take from 5-45 minutes.
      The material was shot at 1920x1080p 25fps on our Canon EOS 5D Mark III.


      We need to create a 1920x1080p 25fps output for Web Streaming

      We need to create PAL DVDs from the same content


      We are a Creative Cloud customer and have installed all the latest versions.


      Noteworthy stuff:

      - DVD subtitles in multiple languages (we are currently using Subtitle Edit 3.3 and export this to Encore TAB text format)
      - Simple Graphical overlays for the video which will be phased in and out.


      The questions I have are about best practices for the workflow:


      My current understanding is that I should use Prelude for rough editing / trimming of the material and send it to Premiere Pro.


      > Premiere Pro: Should I create a seperate sequence for each 'chapter'? (Reason: I can export the sequences individually. Also: Encore seems to take individual sequences well - I can easily create my DVD Flowchart.)
      > Premiere Pro: Should I encode my material from Premiere Pro directly or should I do it in Encore (I need HD and DVD/MPEG-2; the Encore 'build' seems buggy as it runs forever and one does not really know what its doing. Is it beneficial to create MPEG-2 Video and Sound files in Premiere and import the sequences into Encore? Or should I pass the 1920x1080 source-Video over to Encore and have Encore 'build' and transcode the DVD?) What is the benefit over having a Premiere Pro Sequence linked compared to an MPEG-2 file?)
      > In Encore: Should I import all Premiere Pro Sequences into ONE timeline or multiple timelines? Can I only create chapters when I use ONE timeline?


      And finally: subtitles. This seems to be the weakest function I have found in Adobe Products yet:
      > If I import subtitles into a timeline/linked Premiere Pro sequence and change the sequence later (lets say I delete 10 minutes) - will it 'clean up' the subtitles or will I have to go back and manually adjust all subtitle timings?


      If anyone has a good source with best practices or answers to the above questions I would be one happy dood



      Kind regards from Berlin,



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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          Unless it's been corrected, there is a bug in the Prelude>Premiere Pro work flow.  I'd skip Prelude for now and just use PP.


          How you organize your projects inside PP is up to you.  There's no one 'best practice' for every editor.  Do what works best for you.  This you will learn from experience.


          I do, however, recommend avoiding Dynamic Link to Encore and export out usable assets from PP, one for the web and one using the appropriate MPEG2-DVD preset.


          I have never worked with subtitles, so I will defer to another on those questions.