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    InDesign Master Pages; complication with re-appearing master page objects

    Jacob Finkelstein Level 1

      Hi everybody!

      A short intro to understand the problem: I'm working on a commemorative journal for a dinner that people are submitting text based ads to little by little. The types of ads are divided into different chapters so I made different master page spreads for each section. The ads need to be in alphabetical order so as they come in, I add new pages into the layout and place the ad text into the text box.


      Here is the basic structure of my master spreads: there is a text box on each side of the spread that contains an anchored object. I'm using that object as a separator to separate between the ad text and the name of the person who placed the ad. When I insert the ad text, I'm releasing the text box master object and I'm inserting and formatting the text.


      Here's the problem: when I add pages to the layout and the pages already in my layout shuffle, in some instances the text box with the anchored object re-appears behind what I've already done through the text (the anchored object is a dotted line so there ends up being a dotted line through the middle of the text). For example, if I have master page A applied to page 3 (right side of spread), when I add a page before 3 (making page 3 into page 4 and a left side of spread), the master object text box containing the anchored object appears behind the one that was the original master object that I released and inserted text into.


      I did some experimenting and I found that this only happens when I add an odd number of pages. When I add an even number of pages, the additional master page object doesn’t appear. Also, if I add one page after adding a page, the extra master object disappears. I'm assuming that this is because when I add an odd amount of pages the spread with my text switches sides and the master object from the other side of the spread is appearing. Also, if I manually remove the new master object that appears, a new master object does not appear if I shuffle it again.


      Solutions I came up with were either just manually going through the document at the end of the project and removing the extra master objects or applying a white background to the text box so that it would the block the new master object that appears. However, I think there has to be a better solution would be more automatic, leaving less room for human error and being less sloppy that giving white backgrounds to all the text boxes.


      In short, I think the problem is that when my pages are being switched to the opposite side of the spread it is adding the master objects of the side of the spread it switched to. So would there be a way to prevent that from happening?


      Looking forward to what you guys think.