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    Import Pro Tools AAF into Premiere?

    cornelius_3 Level 1

      Great, it is east to export OMF's or AAF's from Premiere for Pro Tools, fantastic, and there is tons of information on the web about it, but there is zero relivant information about exporting an AAF from Pro Tools for Premiere.   Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt, premiere will recoignize half of the content and then place diagonal grey lines through the clips.  The original clips will be import, but not synced.  The Premiere to AVID and vice versa workflow is not what it seems.   I miss when automatic duck actually worked before it became integrated into premiere and stopped working.



      Ultimate question?  What settings to export from ProTools so that Premiere can import an AAF?

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          Ezra Fine

          hi cornelius,


          did you ever find a working round trip workflow from premiere to protools and back?

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            cornelius_3 Level 1

            Our round trip workflow works, but still hoping for a better alternative in the future.


            Duplicate & Rename the sequence for export (just a good habit to have... "videoblah.002, 003, etc). Then clean up any potential audio / video problems; clips that are not enabled, duplicate audio, delete blank tracks, and all the stuff the seems to crowd in the back of my timeline.


            -It is a good idea to label your audio tracks for transfer (right-click> rename)


            After that I export an OMF. (File>Export>OMF) and select the settings below:

            Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 5.51.08 AM.png

            That's just audio so for video, I export a quicktime H.264 video for ProTools DVtoolkit (video import plugin).  Protools will except H.264 .MOV files, but it will not ingest H.264 .MP4's.  It will also handle 1920x1080 files, but if I am rendering out a long project I like to keep the file size smaller by cutting the resolution in half or more.




            The audio guy then takes it from there and gives me back a 24-bit single track audio wav file.


            Thus far it seems to be a workflow, but if I want to go back and make changes, then either I have to do it all over again, or tell the audio guy specifically what needs done.


            All in all, it's not efficient as using a roundtrip workflow such as AVID > ProTools and back again in AAF form.


            Hope that helps.