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    Increasing canvas size and re-clipping (intentionally)




      So I bolluxed up a little bit while creating my first full-bleed print piece. I used Ps to edit the image, Ai to add some stuff, and ignored Id completely for the printer. Now I have a perfect 8.5 x 11 image that I want to print all the way to the edges without scaling; I left white bleeds 1.8" but apparently that won't suffice.


      I'm trying to go back into photoshop and increase the canvas size (8.75 x 11.25 to include bleeds), and with it, extend the image that was originally clipped when I trimmed the document from a vertical picture (12 x 16 or whatever) to fit the standard letter paper size. When I do that, I get only white areas around the canvas.


      Can anyone provide a solution to create full-color bleeds the way they should have been done originally? I have tried changing the canvas size and re-placing another layer of the image behind the existing one (with the hopes that it would clip automatically), but it didn't work. At this point, should I worry about bringing anything into InDesign?




      - boda