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    Generated WebHelp output folder contains \!ScreenLayout!\ folder

    Jeff_Coatsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      I'm running TCS4 and just played around with creating WebHelp with RH10. In both my project and the sample Salesbuilder project, I find that there's a \!ScreenLayout!\ folder with only a mobile.css file in each sub-folder. I could understand this if I was generating Multiscreen HTML5 output, but I'm not - WebHelp was set to be the default layout in both cases. So 2 questions - first, why is it getting put in there, and second, can I safely get rid of it? My help only gets packaged with our software and installed on clients' LAN servers, never a Webserver. You can't run the software off a mobile phone, so trying to access it that way won't ever come into play.