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    Best Settings for Exporting DVD Footage in a Movie File




      I've been trying to find the best settings for exporting DVD footage into a movie file from Adobe Premiere CS6.


      I recently have been using my Magnavox DVD recorder for recording VHS tapes that I made long ago for shows and various other things, and no matter what, my footage doesn't come out as it needs to be.


      Here's an example of what I did recently with my own settings:



      I'm not expecting HD footage, I know these are tapes, but I'm playing the raw footage on my Xbox 360, and it looks better than this. I had to directly use the VOB files on the DVD for this, as trying to rip the files into an AVI or any other format with a DVD ripper didn't do anything, in fact it degraded the quality and made the audio not play in Premiere.


      So what would be some good settings for exporting a sequence with DVD footage that is from a VHS into a movie file, preferably one that wouldn't degrade the quality?