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    Adobe Air Export related question

    Leela RamaKrishna

      Hi Team ,


      We  have an Application Source files where i Exported   for Adobe Air format U.


      I am seeing file size differences in the exported formats Uisng MAC and windows with the same packaged source files  .


      • When i Use MAC and export for the AIR application Observing the AIR installer is Created with 150mb.
      • When Performing the Same with Windows Observing the exported App Application is of 100 mb


      Did any one of you encounter / come across similar kind of  Observations while working on Adobe Air applications for Desktop Development.


      Please advise .





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          Yes, the Captive Runtime of AIR is spectacularly bloated, especially on OSX.  I assume your are ADT package target is the native installer?  If you target instead the native bundle, all the AIR framework will be lying in folders for you to examine and cringe.


          The packaged Adobe AIR dylib is a goddammed 27 MB:


          yourapp.app/Contents/Frameworks/Adobe AIR.framework/Versions/1.0/Adobe AIR

          Adobe AIR: Mach-O dynamically linked shared library i386

          -rwxr-xr-x   1 john  staff  27574016 Mar  1 23:42 Adobe AIR


          The fun doesn't stop there.  The thing comes packed with a 23 MB Flash Player plugin, 8 MB adobecp plugin, 7 MB WebKit.dylib as well, along with a bunch of other unnecessary files and folders here:


          yourapp.app/Contents/Frameworks/Adobe AIR.framework/Resources


          I actually have an ant task to cleanup this folder prior to creating my installer;


          <target name="purge-macos-bundle">


            <fail unless="air.dir" />


            <delete verbose="false" file="${air.dir}/WebKit.dylib" />

            <delete verbose="false" file="${air.dir}/adobecp.vch" />

            <delete verbose="false" dir="${air.dir}/AdobeCP15.plugin" />

            <delete verbose="false" dir="${air.dir}/Flash Player.plugin" />

            <delete verbose="false" dir="${air.dir}/adobecp.plugin" />

            <delete verbose="false" dir="${air.dir}/cs.lproj" />

            <delete verbose="false" dir="${air.dir}/nl.lproj" />

            <delete verbose="false" dir="${air.dir}/sv.lproj" />

            <delete verbose="false" dir="${air.dir}/tr.lproj" />

            <delete verbose="false" dir="${air.dir}/ja.lproj" />

            <delete verbose="false" dir="${air.dir}/ko.lproj" />

            <delete verbose="false" dir="${air.dir}/it.lproj" />

            <delete verbose="false" dir="${air.dir}/pt.lproj" />

            <delete verbose="false" dir="${air.dir}/es.lproj" />

            <delete verbose="false" dir="${air.dir}/fr.lproj" />

            <delete verbose="false" dir="${air.dir}/ru.lproj" />

            <delete verbose="false" dir="${air.dir}/pl.lproj" />

            <delete verbose="false" dir="${air.dir}/zh_Hans.lproj" />

            <delete verbose="false" dir="${air.dir}/zh_Hant.lproj" />



          Which I call from another task like this:


            <antcall target="purge-macos-bundle">

            <param name="air.dir" value="${bundle.dir}/Contents/Frameworks/Adobe AIR.framework/Versions/1.0/Resources/" />




          This helps, but I don't know what to do about the outrageous "Adobe AIR" dylib.