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    Issue with Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5 Security Update 11.5.2

    brussellsprouts Level 1

      As part of my Adobe Design Premium CS5.5 suite, I have Flash CS5.5 version It sorely needs updating per the security announcement page. Also Kaspersky IS keeps telling me it needs to be updated as a security vulnerability. I've tried everything. I download the 11.5.2 update from Adobe's security update page: www.adobe.com/support/flash/downloads.html#flashCS55  


      After it downloads I go through WinZip to open the zip exe file. It then gives me a message saying that Adobe Application Manager may be damaged and I should update/reinstall it. I've tried that.

      • I've tried opening the zip with Kaspersky security off.
      • I've tried updating through the AAM. (Always says no update available).
      • I've tried updating from within my Flash Pro application. (Always says no update available).


      (Windows 7, 64-bit, using 32-bit browsers)

      Really need someone's help on this, thanks.

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          sinious Most Valuable Participant

          Just to give some ease of mind, I noticed AAM also isn't telling me about this and I am also on a lower version.


          I only use Microsoft Security Essentials (basically low interference) and I'm using flash CS5.5 with version




          I'm on Win7 64 so I jumped over to the page and grabbed the win .zip. Ran it, installed fine. Now:




          As soon as I finished that I realized what my clients, family and friends constantly do. Do you see this screen?




          The reason why you see this is you need to extract the files from the zip file.


          Open the .zip, grab the single .exe AND the Payload folder and drag it somewhere (in the same place) on your computer. You can drag it to your desktop or anywhere you like, just make sure you grab both. Then run the AdobePatchInstaller.exe.


          It's a very common mistake. You always need to extract all the files in a .zip because WinZip and Windows Explorer let you "preview" whats inside but you should never RUN files from that preview. Extract first, then run.