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    PrE11 Internal Software Error burning to DVD

    BobSomr Level 1

      Dell Quad Processor C:250GHD (PrE here) D: 600GHD w/ 400G free (Project here).  Converted 60 13 minute (avg) Reg 8 & Supr 8 movies via projector, cine converter, Pyro A/V Linc, into computer as AVI files.  Now burning to DVD with menu's.  Using 5 files at a time; always less than 1hr, with Start Main Menu & Stop markers on each clip file.  Not spending time editing, only use Smart Fix on all files. 


      Some are burning fine, but some give me the following error after 99% complete on the burn progress bar:


      "Internal Software Error:\Vobulator\Block Planner\Block Planner.cpp,line 215".


      There it will stay frozen until I shut it down, reboot, and sometimes I restart and it completes the burn process, and sometimes it repeats the error.  It takes about 2-3 hours to find out.


      Can  you tell me what this is?  Maybe I can avoid something.