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    Remove Grain Not Working


      Hi. I am using After Effects CS6, on Windows 7. I am working with footage shot at 1920x1080 compressed as a .avi. The footage I am using is fairly grainy, and so I am wanting to use the Remove Grain effect.


      The effect DOES work if I apply it to the source itself.




      However, the effect DOES NOT work if I create a pre-comp out of all the source files and apply it to the pre-comp, nor does it work if I try to apply it to an adjustment layer.




      Any suggestions? I really do not want to have to apply the effect to all my source files individually. Thanks!

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          Two thoughts:


          1) If exposure on all the shots is consistent, copy the effect from one clip and paste it to the rest.

          2) Use an adjustment layer with the effect applied once.  Again, this only works if exposure is consistent.


          And to tell you the truth, the footage doesn't look all that bad to begin with.  What was the acquisition codec?  It may have more to do with the quality of the images than anything else.

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            iTozer Level 1

            Thanks for the answer Dave.


            The reason its an issue is because the grain in the image "crawls" after I apply my key and color effects. The crawling is MUCH less noticeable when I first apply the Remove Grain effect.


            The exposure is consistant so I can do the copy and paste as you suggested, but doing so kills the "elegance" of my template. This vid is part of a series and I have set my project up so that I can simply copy the source files into the base composition and be done.


            I had tried using an adjustment layer as you suggested and for some reason the effect does not work, same as it does not work on a pre-comp.

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              Dave LaRonde Level 6

              Sounds like this footage may have been shot on an HDV camera or a DSLR.  Good luck getting a good key.  Maybe the Remove Grain will help, maybe not.

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                iTozer Level 1

                Thanks Dave. Sorry to ignore your last question. The setup we have is a little complicated in that we are using HD cameras to capture the footage, but what we do is we pass the source from the cameras (we have 3) to a Panasonic video processor that allows us to switch the cameras on the fly. We then capture the source from there using a Blackmagic card directly to disk. I'm not really sure what the acquisition codec is at that point. The end result is a .avi.

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                  Dave LaRonde Level 6

                  Hmmmm, that's a sort of unique work flow. 


                  It has the benefit of cutting down on storage by a third, and if that's what you were after, you got it.  However, yyou could have bigger problems than just a bit of noise:  consistent colors and exposures from shot to shot, for one thing.  I also wonder how you get three different shots from three different angles into AE as a series of individual clips that you're able to keep in the proper sequence without a lot of work.



                  AVI's are just media containers.  They can contain a variety of codecs.  Depending on what the switcher put out and the Blackmagic card recorded, it could be darned near anything, and one of them -- what the switcher fed to the card, and what the card recorded -- may not have been great for the images' well-being.  Right now there isn't anyway to tell how it was compressed before it got to AE. 


                  But let's assume everything's fine, you've got your workflow down, the shots' color and exposure are both great and consistent, and now it's up to AE.


                  Here's Option #3: you can get ONE clip keyed nicely, then duplicate the comp, and add the next clip using AE's Replace Footage command to the duplicated comp.  There's the issue of clip length, but there are a couple of scripts that will fix it.


                  Since you'll have to render out of AE -- Dynamic link won't cut it for this kind of work -- I'd just do the entire shot, foreground and background, in AE.  Then you're done.