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    Data jumbled and repeating in data merge

    PauletteP2 Level 1

      Hi everyone,

      I'm creating a catalog, using data merge in InDesign CS5.5 for the first time. I'm using dummy data to start, naming the products with a naming convention Product 1, Product 2, etc.


      Everything seemed to be working, but then I noticed that the merge is all jumbled, such as:

      • Page 1 has Product 15 repeated, with the product description, price and other information from product 6. This repeats five times down the first page.
      • Page 2 starts with Product name, price and number for Product 7, but the description for product 6.
      • Continuing on page 2, everything seems one off. Product names mixed with data from the next product.
      • Page 3-15 are the same as page 1, all Product 15 with the description for Product 6.


      In short, this is very weird. I am saving the data in a CSV comma deliminated (also tried text with tab delineations.) I don't think there are any text breaks in the data, nor blanks. The odd thing is also that the preview looks perfect before I merge the document.


      Here's Page 1:

      Page 1.JPG

      Here's page 2:

      Page 2.JPG

      By the way, all numbers (except pupil price) relay the product number. For example, Product 1 has a price of $1.00, an item number of H1, and the description "This is product 1".


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!