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    How can I Find/Replace a word on all cast members together rather than one at a time?

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      I currently use Director 11.5.9 with Windows 7 64 bit


      I have some director movies I programmed years ago.  I included the file extension .dir when I used "go to movie" statements (I didn't know any better at that time).  For example, I would write, go to movie "alpha.dir".  I have now updated those movies to Director 11.5.9 and want to protect them by updating them to .dxr movies.  Obviously, the code "go to movie name.dir" won't work any more.  I need to take out the .dir extensions from every occurance in those movies.  Most all of them are cast scripts on buttons.  A few of them appear in score scripts.


      In searching this forum, I did find some tips for search/replace on ALL cast scripts, but when I attempted to follow them I did not find the options they suggested on the drop down menus.


      Can someone tell me the steps for going into a Director movie and telling the Find and Replace function to replace ALL occurences of ".dir" in Cast Scripts with ""?


      Currently, I am having to find them manually and replace them one at a time.  There are a LOT  movies with a LOT of occcurences of .dir, so this is far too slow.  I'm sure it can be done more efficiently.


      Any help than anyone can provide will be greatly appreciated.  I have a project that is coming due very soon and I don't want to delay it if possible.