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    "Replacing Font" CPU 100%


      Hey folks,


      Acrobat Pro 10.1.4


      End user changes the color of two words, a very minor edit, and hits Save.  Acrobat displays message "Replacing Font", CPU goes to 100%, and the document takes 55 seconds to save.


      Anyone seen or solved this problem before?


      Thanks much,



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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          We need much more information to speculate why this happened. But changing anything in a pdf file is not necessarily minor. We always recommend recreating the pdf file from original documents. Editing a pdf, can effect the embeding of the font used in the document. It may have been saved as a font subset, but now it may have to have the full font embedded. Never edit a pdf if it can be avoided.

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            gesturgis Level 1

            Thanks Michael for the reply.  Unfortunately, our end user MUST edit this PDF and many others on a regular basis.  They are creating content within Acrobat. 


            What other information would be useful to diagnose this problem?  How can I determine if the font is saved as a font subset?  I am a network administrator, and not an Acrobat specialist or expert, but I can research and gather the necessary information.

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              I am having this exact same problem in our environment. We recently migrated from WinXP to Win7 and for the most part the problem went away, but one particular Acrobat X user is still having the problem.