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    % sign disappears in a dynamic text field in CS6

    wfzen Level 1

      I have this text showing multiple lines of text with the last line showing "x % accuracy". This works fine in Flash CS4. I'm trying to upgrade it to CS6 but the % sign disappears in the text field. Using trace, I still see the % included in the variable string, but it does not display it in the field. Is % sign reserved for something in Flssh CS6? I hate to change it to text: percent that would make the line too long.


      my last line is like this:

      tempFb1 = (tempFb1 + variableANumber) + "% accuracy";


      Before that I have loops like this:

      tempFb1 = tempFb1 + Num2 + " of " + Num1 + " correct" + "\n"



      Thanks for the help,