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    problem with XML FCP import - grey hash marks

    canevessa Level 1

      I have an XML import from FCP and roughly half of the clips have the  grey hash marks presumably because the clip is pointing to in and out points that are unavailable in the source file.  I've seen these hash marks when a clip was  shortened in an external editor, like Audition. Sometimes you will see  only half the clip with the hash marks in that case. I suspect the project file is either misinterpreting the  framerate of some of the footage (most likely, I think) or the translation from  XML is inaccurate. All the source files play fine in the source monitor  so I don't suspect a codec  problem,  but if you look for the in and out points of the selected clip  they are often long after the video has ended. Normally if the source clip is offline it appears red.


      The other odd thing, not sure if related, is that the audio gain in the clip efffects , which drives the yellow line, is set to -infinity in each which I manually reset to 0.


      If anyone has any experience with this problem please share. I can manually slip all these clips to reveal the proper portion of the clip but that will be a tedious process obviously. I would love a global solution.


      Thanks in advance.