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    Don't understand about portable apps in Flash Builder 4.7




      I am a long time user of Flash Builder.  I write *.mxml and *.as files.  They get compiled to *.swf files that run in a Flash Player.  This has been the most powerful and portable development system for the Web up until Jobs killed it.  In response, Adobe has changed focus.  According to the hype, Adobe has made Flash Builder do something more to address iOS, mobile, et al.  The problem is that, for the life of me, I can't get past all the marketing BS to understand what Flash Builder now does (to address iOS, HTML5, etc.).  Can someone please explain to me what Flash Builder now does besides generate swf files from *.as and *.mxml files in programmer speak without the hype?  Now, as I too, am forced to look for a different portable solution, I'd like to at least understand what Adobe is talking about.