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    slide show - nav problem! - getting it to slide left or right depending where the timeline is...

    tmacka_88 Level 1



      I have finished making my animation and am having difficulties finding a way to complete the task im trying to do.


      Basically I have made a normal slide show with 5 pages. one by one the slide in from right to left.

      This works fine, the problem is I also have nav buttons that control which slide you want to jump to.

      Lets say im on the second slide and you click the the nav button for the fisrst slide I want the image to slide in from the left rather than the right. So depending where the timeline is up to and which nav button is selected will determine whether the new page will slide from the left-right or right-left.


      Also another issue with this is that I want the current page to slide out in the opposite way while the new one slides in.



      Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.