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    Add textfield to project

    dreaminkiss Level 1

      Hello All;



      I am trying to add a textfield to my project.

      I am trying to AppendTo: DivName

      However, it is not showing up inside of the DIV.

      If I AppendTo: Stage

      It will show up, on the stage.



      Is there a way to AppendTo a DIV, instead of the Stage?

      (or) Will I have to appendTo the Stage, and then set the CSS Top and Left, to position

      The TextField where I need it, inside of the DIV?


      This is the code that I am testing.



      $("<input type='text' name='username' id='username' size='40'>").appendTo("#Stage");

      sym.$("#username").css({"position":"absolute","top":"5px", "left":"5px"});